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Third Party Evaluations

Third Party Evaluations Poughkeepsie

Insurance Evaluations

An insurance evaluation can be necessary in many cases where there are disputes between the property owner and the insurance company. When the quotes just don’t match up, it’s time for a third party evaluation.

When the normal back and forth between insurance company and claimant won’t resolve the difference, it will often go to court for legal help resolving the claim.

If the judge or lawyer requests a third party evaluation of the repairs needed, that’s where we come in. Our estimators are able to evaluate the damage that occurred to the property in question and give an honest evaluation of what is needed to repair it to bring it back to its former state.

We’ll submit our findings to the court, or whomever is requesting them, but our job doesn't end there, we are also used as professional witnesses to substantiate our findings. A previous case has happened that our quote was much more reasonable than the previous contractors’ had been. Given the homeowners or business owners had decided to move forward with our team for the repairs, but this is, of course, not necessary to the evaluation.

When it comes to insurance restoration, we offer third party evaluations in Westchester, Dutchess, Putnam, Orange, Fairfield Counties and nearby areas.

Insurance EvaluationsWith more than 30 years in the construction and insurance restoration industry, Nurzia Construction is a local leader in providing top-of-the-line restoration services. If you’d like to set up an insurance evaluation, just give us a call.

If the legal insurance system is moving too slow and is requiring a third party evaluation for an insurance claim, we can assist. Whether you’re asking on your own behalf, the insurance company or the courts, we can provide the estimate that can help the case move forward. As an accredited restoration company, our findings have helped many stalled cases between property owners and insurance companies get resolved. Give us a call to set up an evaluation on the property in question.

Court-Ordered Third Party Evaluations

We have helped many property owners and insurance companies alike come to an agreement with one another through the legal system.

All too often, an insurance company will give a homeowner or business owner one quote for the repairs that are needed, and contractors they go to for the repairs give them a much different quote.