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Fire Damage

Fire Damage PoughkeepsieSuffering fire damage to your home or business is a traumatic experience however it doesn’t mean you have to go through it alone. At Nurzia Construction, our goal is to give customers relief from the disaster you’ve experienced, and take the biggest problems off of your plate: working with the insurance company and rebuilding your life.

Restoring a Fire Damaged Home

Our experienced and seasoned estimators will get involved immediately after the fire has been put out to assess all damage to your property. We will work with you and your insurance company to make sure every detail of work that needs to get done to bring your home back to its original state is captures and sent to your insurance company.

From there, we will build your insurance claim and with your approval, we’ll submit the claim on your behalf to your carrier. From there, we’ll work directly with you and your insurance company to reconcile the claim and get it approved for you so the work can begin.

Once your insurance claim has been approved, our expert construction and design teams will work with you to recreate your home or business exactly as you want it - whether that means identical to how it was before the fire, or with those new cabinets you’ve been wanting for years, or even layout change.

If you’ve just experienced a fire at your home or place of business, pick up the phone and call Nurzia Construction now. The sooner we start working for you, the sooner we can maximize your claim, get it approved, and get your life back on its way to normal again.

Home Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage

One common issue that regularly comes out of a big or small fire is smoke damage. Oftentimes, even when a fire is contained and put out before it has had the chance to cause significant physical damage to the structure, smoke damage has already caused substantial damage to the property and to your belongings.

Our estimators are trained in what to look for, and which restoration services will be necessary to bring your business or your home back to its original condition. We will make sure any and all traces of the fire are completely gone, and make it look like the incident never happened. Being pro-active in these cases is your best defense in getting repairs approved and completed quickly. Give us a call when you call the insurance company.

We can restore your property after it’s suffered from fire damage in Westchester, Dutchess, Putnam, Orange, Fairfield Counties and nearby areas. Call today to see if we cover your area.